Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Randomness!!!

More random pictures of my cute boy!!!

Eating waffles with a screwdriver

Evil Conevil (I don't know if that is the correct spelling, but it works. Question: Is there a way to rotate pictures once you have posted them?)

My blue eyed angel

This is Ethan hanging out with our neighbor Carson!!! I think Carson is telling Ethan their get-away plan.

Now that Ethan doesn't ride in this carseat all of the time, he seems to really enjoy sitting in it. I wish he liked the one in the car as much as this one;)


Brady and Patrice said...

who's idea was it to hand Ethan a screwdriver to eat with!? Crazy Parents!!!! :)

brenley said...

how cute!!! i'm so glad you updated your blog ... and with soooo many pictures! so fun! your little ethan is so darling and such a handsome little guy! who does he look like? seems like a good mix to me!

Kristi said...

there is a way to rotate pic even after they're posted. first you have to go into picasa, um it's a bit complicated to explain, so just call me, or jer can explain it to whit.

Holly or Joe said...

Yay 0you are posting. I have checked but not recently I guess. Ethan is awesome. He is just such a cute little guy! I love the randomness. What's better than random-it's the everyday stuff.

Thanks for telling me about that girl publishing my post.It was mine. I erase onery things once they've run their course.

I appreciate you Tiff, I meant to call you about swimming. I got your message late that night and then kept forgetting throught the week. Thanks though! I am so glad you are posting a lot! I had to catch up!