Monday, June 30, 2008

Tight places, Bananas, and Milk

Okay so I knew that a weird title like the one above would make sure that everyone that even looked at my blog would read this post. In my "catching up" I have to throw in some really random, yet to cute to pass up, pictures of "The Ethanator".

Tight Places

Ethan loves to climb into things like suitcases, boxes, and baskets. Why, you may ask, I have no idea, but I sure think it is cute. When ever he does it he looks at me with that look that says, "Look at me mom, aren't I cool!!!"


I have never been a huge banana fan so I unintentionally deprived Ethan of the apparently wonderful Banana fruit (he loved the mashed baby food bananas, but I just didn't think of giving him real bananas). So not too long ago I thought while walking through the store, "you know Ethan might actually like bananas", so I bought some. He LOVES them!!! He has to eat them a certain way though. I have to leave them in the peel and he even holds it a certain way. It is really cute. Maybe it is a mom thing, but I thought I would share.


This picture shows how much Ethan loves his milk and takes after his daddy.


In May we went to Grafton with Whit's parents and brothers. It was so fun. For those of you that don't know, Grafton is on your way to Zion's. It is a little ghost town. The Johnson's run their cows on the land and we often go there to dutch oven and camp out. So this little trip we were preparing for a family reunion in June. We went riding horses and made some dutch oven potatos, yummy!!! Ethan hates to touch the horses because they are so big, but he loves to ride them. Once he is on a horse he hates to get off. Maybe he will be a little cowboy like his grandpa :) Dutch ovening (if that is even a word) was so fun. Gage, Ethan's cousin, helped grandpa make the dutch oven biscuits. He would take a bite of dough and then roll the dough in his dirty little hands and throw it in the dutch oven, just like grandpa. We all laughed, but I think we all avoided the biscuits that looked a little more brown than the others.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


With the end of the spring semester at SUU, Whit graduated with his bachelor's degree in Finance. By no means is this the end, we also found out that he was accepted into the Masters of Business Administration Program, 2 more years of school. Although Whit has 2 more years of school we are very excited for him to be getting a masters.

Some more cute pictures of Ethan...

Ethan playing hide 'n seek, little did he know that I could still see him.

Getting ready for a trip to grandma's house, I guess Ethan really does want to ride in the suit case.

Silly Ethan, those are daddy's shoes.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catching up--Finally!!!

Okay, okay, I think it is finally time to add "my own" post to "my own" blog. Thanks to Patrice I could say that I had, indeed, updated my blog, but now I am going to TRY!

When you have cute kids it is really hard to decide which of the million pictures to put on your blog. (I doubt I am the only one that feels this way.) I figured the best way to catch all of my 550 blog fans up on my family, or as Whit just pointed out, Ethan, is to post cute pictures from each month until I am caught up. Here goes...something. Hope you all enjoy.

Ethan has learned to say 'llo while talking on the phone.

I hear kids get really hungry when they haven't eaten in awhile. They also get really thirst. Kind of ironic, don't you think.

One weekend I worked Saturday from noon to midnight and of course boys will be boys...Whit took Ethan to the remote control shop and he said that Ethan would not let them leave without buying the coolest jeep in the store. They then played so hard that Ethan was completely worn out.

March in a nutshell, thanks for sharing. (P.S. I added pictures to the Birthday Post so check them out.)

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Little Help....

Tiff, I thought you could use a little help with your blog... good thing I remembered your password! :)

A while ago we had a sleep-over and it was super fun! Ethan and Ayda had a blast hanging out in their pajamas, laying on pillows, and staying up late!