Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catching up--Finally!!!

Okay, okay, I think it is finally time to add "my own" post to "my own" blog. Thanks to Patrice I could say that I had, indeed, updated my blog, but now I am going to TRY!

When you have cute kids it is really hard to decide which of the million pictures to put on your blog. (I doubt I am the only one that feels this way.) I figured the best way to catch all of my 550 blog fans up on my family, or as Whit just pointed out, Ethan, is to post cute pictures from each month until I am caught up. Here goes...something. Hope you all enjoy.

Ethan has learned to say 'llo while talking on the phone.

I hear kids get really hungry when they haven't eaten in awhile. They also get really thirst. Kind of ironic, don't you think.

One weekend I worked Saturday from noon to midnight and of course boys will be boys...Whit took Ethan to the remote control shop and he said that Ethan would not let them leave without buying the coolest jeep in the store. They then played so hard that Ethan was completely worn out.

March in a nutshell, thanks for sharing. (P.S. I added pictures to the Birthday Post so check them out.)


Huntsman Hotties said...

SO CUTE. He is so big, i always just feel like posting ALL my pictures, so I can sympathize on your dilemma on which to post. Good to see an update thanks.

The Twitchells said...

Oh i am excited your updating your blog now! I do google should try it. it tells you when your friends update their blogs to you don't have to keep checking peoples blogs. Thanks for the invite to go swimming last night. I really wanted to go but I am in YW and have it every Wednsday night. keep up the cute blogging, Ethan is so cute, i love his smiley eyes!

The Littlefields said...

Tiff! I am so happy that you're blogging. Ethan is getting SO big, I love the picture where his hair is parted, such a hansome man.

Kristi said...

I like how Ethan's worn out from cleaning (the last picture). You start them young! j/k