Monday, June 30, 2008


In May we went to Grafton with Whit's parents and brothers. It was so fun. For those of you that don't know, Grafton is on your way to Zion's. It is a little ghost town. The Johnson's run their cows on the land and we often go there to dutch oven and camp out. So this little trip we were preparing for a family reunion in June. We went riding horses and made some dutch oven potatos, yummy!!! Ethan hates to touch the horses because they are so big, but he loves to ride them. Once he is on a horse he hates to get off. Maybe he will be a little cowboy like his grandpa :) Dutch ovening (if that is even a word) was so fun. Gage, Ethan's cousin, helped grandpa make the dutch oven biscuits. He would take a bite of dough and then roll the dough in his dirty little hands and throw it in the dutch oven, just like grandpa. We all laughed, but I think we all avoided the biscuits that looked a little more brown than the others.