Monday, June 30, 2008

Tight places, Bananas, and Milk

Okay so I knew that a weird title like the one above would make sure that everyone that even looked at my blog would read this post. In my "catching up" I have to throw in some really random, yet to cute to pass up, pictures of "The Ethanator".

Tight Places

Ethan loves to climb into things like suitcases, boxes, and baskets. Why, you may ask, I have no idea, but I sure think it is cute. When ever he does it he looks at me with that look that says, "Look at me mom, aren't I cool!!!"


I have never been a huge banana fan so I unintentionally deprived Ethan of the apparently wonderful Banana fruit (he loved the mashed baby food bananas, but I just didn't think of giving him real bananas). So not too long ago I thought while walking through the store, "you know Ethan might actually like bananas", so I bought some. He LOVES them!!! He has to eat them a certain way though. I have to leave them in the peel and he even holds it a certain way. It is really cute. Maybe it is a mom thing, but I thought I would share.


This picture shows how much Ethan loves his milk and takes after his daddy.


The Littlefields said...

So cute. I love the bananas, it's just another way to show their independence.

Jess and Dusty said...

Those are cute pictures of Ethan. Isn't it funny how they demonstrate their personality right from the very beginning?